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Steve Silverman first connected with his love of photography at the age of 12. He specializes in architectural photography and professional portraits under the broad umbrella of commercial photography. His photos have appeared in numerous books including his 2003 book of North Dakota landscapes. Clients describe his work as cinematic and spirited. They enjoy working with him because his photographs have a clarity and depth that invite the viewer to explore the photographed space or meet the person within the shot. Steve does whatever it takes to get the best possible shots. His clients often tell him that they appreciate his quality over quantity style. Steve's photographs have appeared in books, newspapers and national magazines including The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Ladies Home Journal, Twin Cities Guest Guide, and Business Solutions Magazine. His architectural photography has appeared in publications including Spaces Magazine and Luxe Magazine.

Steve’s Background Steve’s love for photography began when he was 12 and received a camera from his father, who recognized his visual sensitivity and unique perspectives. Steve was fascinated by the idea of capturing people and places through photographs. Years later, as a freshman in college, a friend encouraged him to purchase his first SLR camera to capture the urban landscape of Philadelphia. The moment his first print came out of the developing bath, he knew he had found his passion. Even though he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a major in Accounting, Steve initially worked as a photo journalist for more than 30 Philadelphia area newspapers. Later, he worked in his family’s retail business while pursuing photography on the side until 1994 when he made the decision to evolve his love into a career as a professional photographer.

Architectural Photography

After seeing his North Dakota Landscape photographs, an architect friend of Steve suggested that he specialize in architectural photography. What his friend said was, and is still, true: an architectural photograph reflects the landscape of a building, similar to how a landscape photograph reflects a landscape in nature. His friend became and remains a client. Steve is inspired by function and design in architecture which he cites as major achievements to an architect or designer. His clients recognize his keen ability to take a project from average to remarkable through an integrated approach. One of his clients recently remarked, “Your pictures look better than when I look at my projects with my own two eyes.” From a walk through to delivering the finished product, Steve doesn’t take pictures, he makes pictures. Steve uses cutting edge technology called High Dynamic Range photography (HDR) to create architectural images. HDR involves taking multiple exposures of the same scene to reveal the luminous values present in both highlights and shadows. The goal is to create an image that is “as our eyes see it.” This is in contrast with the more traditional subtraction and addition of light requiring more equipment and a greater cost per image.

Professional Portraits

Although Steve always took pictures of people, it was a random encounter and a surprise blue ribbon that help shape his career as a portraitist. On a trip to Scotland, he came upon a bagpiper in full regalia playing his instrument alongside the rode. Steve asked the bagpiper to pose for him. Months later, he built up enough courage to enter several landscape photos in the State Fair. He was pleased to find out all of them had received some recognition but was surprised to discover his bagpiper photo had won the grand champion award. He was surprised because not because he had not developed confidence in his portraits as he had in his landscape and architectural photography, but because he did not submit the photo—his wife did! Whether in a traditional studio setting or on location, Steve’s goal is to create a photographic narrative of his subject. Before the session begins, he spends time with his clients to better understand who they are and translates this into their photographs. The result is a portrait that is elegant and tasteful but reflects the unique personality of each individual.

Photography Consulting & Workshops

Steve has been providing photography consulting for nearly 20 years. He enjoys giving back through his teaching and sharing his skills and experience. After being approached on a continuous basis with questions on camera technique, he thought it best to answer the questions through photo workshops. His workshops have helped amateur and professional photographers improve their abilities. He has conducted numerous workshops for the Twin Cities Photo Group, American Institute of Architects (AIA), Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). In addition, he conducts photo workshops on a variety subjects through his own company, Photo Success Workshops. He also tutors photographers on a one-on-one basis.

North Dakota Landscape Photographs

In 2003, along with his wife, Robin L. Silverman, Steve published "America's Land of Tranquility Visions of the Secret Beauty of North Dakota." This hard bound coffee table style book showcases the extraordinary beauty of North Dakota's vast and unspoiled landscape. The book has been sold in almost every state and more than 25 foreign countries. His images are part of private and corporate collections throughout the United States, including the Smithsonian Institution. They have also been featured in several calendars, including the North Dakota Horizons calendar and exhibited at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. For more information, contact Steve at (o) 952-844-0119 or (c)952-905-1197.

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